Power Degrease - Hospitality

Power Degrease is an amber, aqueous degreaser with bacteriostatic properties, which removes oil and grease, along with the dirt that clings to it and cleans all hard surfaces. At the same time it will remove all germs and bacteria.

Power Degrease is fully biodegradable so after use it is broken down into harmless materials by normal water treatment and natural processes. It is non-toxic and non-flammable.

How to use


Power Degrease can be used manually or through a pressure washer and will be effective in hot or cold, hard or soft water.


Dilute the super concentrate (neat product) to 10:1 (e.g. 100ml Power Degrease to 1000ml water) to obtain standard strength Power Degrease.
Then re-dilute this solution up to 50:1 according to the degree of soiling.
In general the recommended dilution rates are:
Light cleaning 50:1 (i.e. 500:1)
Medium cleaning 20:1(i.e. 200:1)
Heavy cleaning 5:1 (i.e. 50:1)

Typical applications

Power Degreaser is a highly versatile water based degreaser. It is effective against an extremely wide range of substances from oils, fat and greases, to blood, mould and fungi. Due to its versatility POWER DEGREASER has uses in many industries and for many applications. It is an excellent degreaser for use in food preparation as well as food manufacturing environments due to its anti bacteria properties. Its powerful degreasing properties and versatility through the use of dilution rates also make POWER DEGREASE an excellent industrial degreaser. It is used in factories, kitchens, motels, hotels, meat preparation areas and in all forms of the catering industry.

Health & Safety

See separate “PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET” for information.